April, spring, longer days and a bit of warmth

April is the month of longer days and hopefully a little warmth in the suns rays. Heavy snowfall in early March certainly pressed the pause button on growing but the plus was the extended flowering period of snowdrop and crocus. With better days in view now is a good time to assess winter casualties and repair and replace where necessary.

Borders should be drying out and do benefit from a light hoe to help air circulate. Lawns can be airated and scarified before growing starts in earnest.

Early sown onions and garlic will romp away with increased light levels as well as seedlings and cuttings kept in the greenhouse.April is the perfect time to prepare veg plots by forking in compost, preparing drills and erecting pea and bean supports. Potatoes can be planted outside or in pots but all new growth will need to be protected from frosts and cold night temperatures.

Although too early for most bedding plants, seed of hardy annuals can be sown in situ now to fill border gaps ( you may need to protect seed from hungry birds).

The BHS held a sucessful planting session for children in March and we look forward to these entries appearing in the show. Encouraging our young people to get close up to plants and growing hopefully ensures the next generation of gardeners.

BIB has taken part in the Great British Spring Clean once again (thanks to all those who took part) and will be busy once more around the village refreshing pots and borders as well as undertaking some new initiatives.

Next meet Sat 7th April.

Happy Gardening,
Maureen Smith

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