If April is the month in which we deliberate about late frosts and cold soil, then May is truly the starting pistol of the growing season. Once begun unstoppable until the winter looms again. Lawns need mowing frequently and will benefit from a good weed and feed. Spring flowering plants will need deadheading and the […]

March & April

March winds and April showers, well I think we’ve had an abundance already, so lets hope spring is here and we can get re-aquainted with our gardens. Most gardeners in my experience are born optimists, we sow, tend and prune despite the weather and low and behold things appear above the ground to cheer us,despite […]


November is often the month when the leaves reach their best autumnal colour and start to fall in earnest. Raking them up can seem like a chore but their addition to the compost heap is always beneficial. As light levels change the lawn will slow its growth. Cut on a high blade and rake or […]