How you can help our village with Birstwith In Bloom

With such a glorious October behind us it would be too much to expect November to be as lovely,  but the colours of autumn never fail to delight.

Any summer flowering shrubs that have evaded a prune so far can be cut back now and annual bedding plants lifted and composted. Autumn is a great time to evaluate beds and borders and move, split or discard overcrowded or failing plants. Cuttings already taken can be placed in a frost free greenhouse or cold frame to overwinter. Empty veg beds can be planted with garlic and onions, they enjoy a cold start and will romp away come springtime.

Birstwith in Bloom under the Birstwith Horticultural Society umbrella have been very busy in our village over these past months. Many of you might have noticed that verges are being trimmed back to their original edging stones and planters are appearing in strategic places to brighten some of our benches and bus stops. Volunteers have also been planting daffodil and crocus bulbs. Our team is growing from strength to strength and many thanks go to all those who have given their time, but every one can help us with this project.

It is as simple as sweeping paths, pulling weeds from verges and path edges, planting up driveways and gateways and generally taking care of our own little piece of the village. Our judging route this year will be from the doctors surgery down the main road to the allotments and the parish church.

We are keen to have sponsorships and or donations from any individual, business or group who would like to help us make a difference. Our entry form for the ” Village category” in the “In Bloom Competition” is already submitted and we have lots to do. If you feel you can help us in any way please get in touch with:-

Amy Holmes  07703857662
Maureen Smith 779885

NB Just £25 will buy us a planter and £60 will buy it and fill it with compost and plants. Keep your eyes peeled for coming events or check out our web site.

Maureen Smith

2 thoughts on “How you can help our village with Birstwith In Bloom

  1. Hi Maureen/Amy,
    As I have already mentioned to Maureen I hope I can help in some way towards Birstwith in Bloom this year.
    As I often leave my bike in the Bus Shelter up at Clapham Green I propose to keep that area tidy but can also help where needed.
    I escape to Spain on the 25th January till some time in March/April so bear that in mind.
    Bob Norvill

    • Thanks for your message Bob.

      If you are able to maintain the area around the bus stop at Clapham Green that would be great. We as a group are very happy too support you with the project if you would like us to, just let us know!!

      We meet on the first Saturday of the month in the village to do an activity, on your return from Spain if you would like to join us for these your help would be greatly appreciated. Just get in touch and we will let you know where we will be meeting. It is often on the green outside the shop at 10am, but call us just in case!

      Have a lovely time away. We look forward to seeing you on your return.

      Many thanks

      Amy and the ‘in bloom team’

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