Late Summer and Birstwith in Bloom

Firstly, here’s hoping everyone has had a lovely relaxing summer.

Birstwith Show was once again blessed with a fine day and the whole event was a resounding success. Thanks go to everyone who entered anything making our marquee a must visit location for show goers. The weather pre show didn’t help with veg growing so well done anyone who managed to enter ripe tomatoes. It is August as I pen this and mine are still green.

As vegetables such as peas and beans finish, cut down stems leaving the roots in the ground and lightly hoe any weeds. Dry onions and garlic bulbs and dig potato main crops as the foliage dies down. Keep picking courgettes, kale, chard and broccoli. The key to late summer colour is dead heading regularly. Many annuals will repeat flower if cut back hard and watered well, especially if the days stay mild and the sun shines.

The B.H.S  have continued to hold B.I. B events and many thanks go to those hardy souls who helped pull balsam from the river banks on a very hot Saturday morning. This prolific plant is taking over our Nidderdale banks and we are asked by the environment agency to pull up as much as we can and leave it to die. As well as some bigger projects BIB meets on the first Saturday of every month to undertake small community challenges, everyone is welcome, just rock up and join in. Many thanks to those people already making a difference.

Happy gardening,

Maureen Smith

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