There is something rather comforting about putting your garden to bed in the autumn and picking up those neglected hobbies and interests for the winter. November can be glowing and mellow and working outside productive and satisfying. Shrubs and perennials can be cut back and tidied and November is the ideal time to plant tulips and hyacinths. Spring bulbs often appear above ground already so care must be taken when hoeing or digging. If you can spare an untidy corner leave logs and leaves for overwintering insects and mammals and ensure that there are gaps in fences and walls for hedgehog byways. Plant winter pansies, violas and heathers for late pollen hunters and to ensure some colour in the garden as the days shorten. Ensure bird feeders are kept topped up ready for the hungry months ahead. November is also a great month for those theraputic tasks like compost heap turning, shed tidying and greenhouse cleaning, those done you can smugly enjoy a cup of coffee and plan next years planting.

Birstwith in Bloom

Octobers BIB meeting saw us replanting village pots, a job that will continue throughout Oct/Nov. Most of our team were busy preparing for Amy and Dans wedding which went of splendidly and we wish them well for the future. We plan to have Eva on the team and digging by the spring. Our in bloom compost heaps are completed and in use and will hopefully impress the Bloom judges next year. Donations of bedding plants as well as cash would be welcome anytime, our colour theme for next year will be yellow/orange and white. BIB also work closely with Birstwith School running gardening club and would welcome plant donations toward a new wildlife patch they are creating. The children are also taking an interest and active part in the playground garden.

Happy gardening,

Maureen Smith

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