Sponsorship & Advertisement

Would you be interested in becoming an advertiser or sponsor this year? Have a look below for all the details and please contact us using the form below or by email (info@birstwithshow.com) for more information.

BHS Advertiser

Businesses wishing to advertise in our main show schedule can do for:

£50 for a 1/4 page advert
£75 for a 1/2 page advert
£125 for a full page advert

BHS Sponsor

Businesses wishing to sponsor the show for £300 will receive:

  • A full page advert in the show schedule
  • A banner located in the main ring on show day (provided by yourselves)
  • Entry passes for 6 people to the show
  • Unlimited Prosecco for up to 6 people (subject to responsible consumption)

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