Spring 2017 Updates

It is now just over a year since Birstwith in Bloom began to emerge from a suggestion to a reality, and what a year it has been. Although many of our projects are mundane and low key it has meant that a cohesive group of volunteers have emerged to create a productive working party.

To those people who are worried that we intend to sanitize and over beautify our village I would like to reassure them that nothing is further from our thoughts. It is proven that rural villages especially those with more livestock than crops often fail to give the insect world a rich corridor of food in which to travel. The distance between pollinating plants is often too wide to encourage diversity of wildlife. BIB intend to plant sensitively and responsibly and are planning for sustainability as well as beauty. Clearing verges makes passage easier for people-planting makes passage possible for bees, butterflies etc.

April is going to be an exciting month for Birstwith residents. BIB will be gearing up for its spring judging and on the 29th of April the Tour de Yorkshire is coming right through our village, hopefully spotlighting our gardening efforts.

A planned scarecrow trail should give everyone an interesting tour while we wait for the cyclists. On Sunday April 30th there will be a continuation of festivities with an open gardens event. It doesn’t matter if your garden is large or small,finished or unfinished we would love as many as possible to enter into the fun of the day. This isn’t about having a showcase garden it is about coming together, enjoying the company and swapping ideas.

To top of our exciting weekend there will be a BBQ and Pig Race at the Station Hotel from 7pm.

To register your interest in the open gardens or scarecrow competition please contact Amy on either 772966 or 07703857662 or Maureen on 779885. 29th April —Tour de Yorkshire and scarecrow trail.

30th April —Open Gardens –Pig Race and BBQ

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