The “Hungry Gap” and plans for May

Before supermarkets, this time of year was often known as the hungry gap. Winter vegetables were finished and new sowings nowhere near ready for the table. It was and is however a good time for garden maintenance, fences, sheds and timber edges benefit from a coat of paint and shady paths can be washed down to remove algae and moss. Clean greenhouses with dilute Jeyes fluid to kill overwintering bugs and mites.  May is a good time to turf or reseed lawn areas making sure to water daily. Unfortunately they also need regular mowing unless you are lucky enough to have a wild flower meadow. By the end of May vegetable seedlings can be hardened off and only protected at night. At last it is time to sow beans, peas, courgettes, tomatoes, squash and most salad crops, so get sowing. Spring flowering perennials can be divided now to increase their numbers and renovate old plants.

Birstwith show is now only two months away and hopefully everyone has got their pre-show schedule. Our lovely show gardens were practically empty last year so if you want to advertise your club, organization or business why not have a go and cash in on the extra interest from show goers. Don’t forget we now have the extended “entry week” and would love to see our show tent laden with entries. Every little entry helps make the day successful and you never know, you may win a prize.

Enjoy your gardening.

Maureen Smith

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